From the Darkroom

January 26, 2013

While writing up my next official blog entry, I thought I’d post some photos that I shot, developed, and printed back in the days of the darkroom. All were shot with a Pentax K-1000 camera and a normal 50mm lens. Thanks for visiting!


Drive-In, Windsor

Drive-In, Windsor

Big Buddha at ROM

Big Buddha at ROM






Graveyard refuse


Driving by mausoleum at night


Statue with no hands


Girl in front of Capitol Theatre, Windsor



A photo I took of my brother’s opening at Common Ground in Windsor, shortly after the gallery opened (1986).

A photo I took of my brother’s opening at Common Ground in Windsor, shortly after the gallery opened (1986).



Yorkshire Dales, 1984

Yorkshire Dales, 1984


10 Responses to “From the Darkroom”

  1. Claudia said

    these pics are absolutely amazing!

  2. Claudia said

    Where can we buy copies. Love the drive in pic and would love to purchase!

  3. Nancy said

    There is such a difference looking at black & white photos! It seems you really notice the subject matter, there aren’t colorful surroundings to distract…?

  4. pyatmouse said

    Do you still do any film stuff? I like these!

    • No I don’t, Piet. I occasionally curse digital for eliminating film, but then I recall the expense and frustration of working in the darkroom and I realize I’m perhaps being a bit too nostalgic. That said, I’m much more comfortable with film, and digital doesn’t come close to that gratified feeling of having worked for an image.

      Thanks for writing, Piet. This blog is like a ghost town.


      • pyatmouse said

        Well, you know Wal-Mart will develop your 35mm without prints for $5 a roll, if you want to play with film again. Also, perhaps we could meet for lunch while I am unemployed.

      • Actually, I am thinking of experimenting a bit more with film. I’m going to take some shots with old disposable 35mm cameras and see what happens. I really miss my darkroom, though. Lunch would be great.

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